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Mapleton Falls is a perfect town where perfect families lead perfect lives. At least, that’s what Jenny Sampson thinks when she first moves in. But when her next-door-neighbor, Amanda Brennan, a sweet, caring, doctor’s wife and mother of two, turns up dead in the entryway of her sprawling home, Jenny finds herself muddled in the middle of a murder. 


Bree Lang, the Assistant DA, is one of Jenny’s best friends. Lucky for Bree, Jenny’s got the inside scoop on a host of potential suspects. Like Stone Brennan, Amanda’s anesthesiologist husband, who knocks people out for a living and carves statues out of tree trunks with chainsaws for a hobby; or the neighborhood gals Nikki, a raven-haired beauty, and DeeDee, a mother of two sets of twins, who don’t realize they share the same sordid secret. Then there’s Sean Roberts, a member of St. Augustine’s where Amanda’s kids go to school. Sean’s got a crush on Amanda, which his wife’s not too pleased about. And, of course, there’s Father Groark, the priest at St. Augustine’s. If only Amanda hadn’t uncovered his secrets and written about them in her journal.


As Jenny, a nice, Jewish girl from Long Island, and Bree, a privileged, gay, shiksa from the Main Line, navigate their way around upscale Mapleton Falls, will they be able to solve Amanda's murder? Or will this perfect town be forever marred by a killer in their midst? 

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